successful habits of millionaires

Top successful habits of millionaires

Would I ever be rich?

I asked this question a lot recently.

We are here today because of all of the thoughts we had in the past.

Aand we are going to be where we are in 5 years, thanks to the thoughts and actions we take starting from today.

Habits occupy a large part of our daily lives.

We formed them overtime.

Previous studies highlight that 40 percent of what we do every day are performed as habits.

What if the habits you have tear you down rather than lift you up?

Success always leaves clues. Understanding the law of attraction is one thing.

But in this physical world, only actions matter, not just thoughts.

By modeling successful people’s actions and daily habits, we are also likely to achieve success.

Successful habits and positive mindset partially explain why the rich are rich.

Rich people constantly set a routine; they have positive habits rather than destructive ones.

They didn’t build health, wealth and wisdom overnight.

These positive results are byproducts of a long, mundane, compounding small tasks and positive habits cultivated for years.

Let me introduce to you a few habits that I try to incorporate in my daily life and have positively impacted my general well-being.


succesful habits of millionaires


The number one successful habits of millionaires: Exercise

Physical activity helps us feel good in our body and mind. If there is a medication providing all the health benefits of exercise, everyone will buy it and get hooked. Exercising is as effective as medication against depression. Exercise can be considered as a super-habit, which is to say that it triggers other good habits. For example, by exercising regularly, you are likely to take more care of your diet.

If you get sick, nothing else matters only your health, not even money. This is why exercising and health cultivation remain a priority. If you exercise regularly for one year, it will become a life-long habit. In 2015, I just wanted to check whether that was true or not. That was one of the best decisions in my life. At the beginning, I knew that we need 66 days to create a habit and if I only get past that, it would be easier to get the one year and create the life-long positive habit. A few years later, I wouldn’t feel normal if I didn’t exercise at least 3 times a week.

As you regularly exercise, even your identity changes because you see yourself in the mirror as more fit, svelte and muscular. You are proud of yourself and gain more self-esteem. Successful habits of millionaires number 1 is exercise.

The number two successful habits of millionaires: Focus

When you are accustomed to distraction, it is extremely difficult to get out of this addiction.

Have you ever tried to focus on a task but a few minutes (even seconds) after, a random thought spoils everything? “What if you received a new email, a new notification on your social media?” you might be tempted to just check it for only a few seconds but these few seconds turn into minutes, then hours and in the end you weren’t that productive.

To solve this, let’s focus, even on the smallest tasks because “how we do anything is how we do everything”. When you are accustomed to distraction, it is extremely difficult to get out of this addiction. It is when you want to concentrate the most that you can’t, simply because your normal state now is the result of your bad habits “to be distracted”. To get better at focusing, create a routine where you focus for only 1-2 minutes and do it consistently, every day, day by day.

Before an important task where you need deep focus, list out everything that comes in your mind, draw a to-do –list. It can be a to-do-list in different areas of your life such as personal, professional, finance etc. Whenever a thought comes in your mind, write it down too and write below the first task you need to do to accomplish it. When you do this, get back to your initial task and see that you can truly focus.




Successful people’s daily habits: Think big and take massive actions

In his book “The magic of thinking big”, David J Schwartz highlights the difference between the highly paid and the less paid workers. He stresses that the only difference is that the first category thinks bigger than the second. Some people earn five times more than the average only by the size of their thinking.

I especially like Donald Trump when he said: “If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big”. Successful people know that their only limit is in their own mind. Starting from today, no matter where you are, think ten times bigger and really believe that you can achieve it.

Thinking big opens up the possibilities of achieving what you set your mind to. Remember that life gives us only the things that we think we deserve (and negotiate).

Successful habits: millionaires have clarity

Did you know that a lack of a clear vision remains one of the biggest causes of failure? I can’t imagine myself going on a trip and not really knowing where I want to go, let alone without a map or itinerary.

Successful people know who they are and they are very clear about their direction in life. Successful people acknowledge their values, their principles, their strengths and weaknesses. They also have very clear goals and they commit and plan to achieve them.

A lack of motivation stems from a lack of clarity. Are you wandering through life without any clear direction? If yes, find and create that direction right now.

Peter Drucker states that “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. In one year, what skill set do you want to develop? What kind of person would you like to be? Start now.