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How to stop overthinking

HOW TO STOP OVERTHINKING? How to stop overthinking? Can we even stop overthinking, or think less often or less loudly, a bit like turning off the TV, or turning down the volume? How can we stop overthinking, at least sometimes, when it is necessary to be calm and lucid? For example, when you need to […]

how to relax your mind

How to relax your mind

How to relax your mind Here’s a little relaxation exercise and how to relax your mind. It is very simple to set up and does not require much practice to be effective. You will be able to apply it as soon as you feel your emotions invade you. It is a small exercise that can […]

How to achieve a goal

How to achieve a goal Very often when it comes to how to achieve a goal, the problem is not so much “knowing what to do”. On an individual level, to lose weight or start a business, it is enough to control your calories and do sports, and to offer a service and find customers. […]

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How to be a great leader: 10 habits to HAVE INFLUENCE

How to be a great leader: 10 habits to HAVE INFLUENCE In the age of the internet and social networks, becoming an influencer is practically a profession in its own right.  But what exactly is an influencer? How do you gain influence? And how to be a great leader by developing one’s influence? If you […]

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How to focus better

HOW TO FOCUS BETTER? Focus, let’s talk about it. “Where attention goes, energy flows and results show”. I love the rhythm in this quote. It wasn’t until later that I truly grasped its whole meaning. For the last 5 years, I wondered why I never accomplished anything. Why did I give up? Why did I […]

develop one's humility

How to humble yourself

HOW TO HUMBLE YOURSELF How to be humble? A boastful attitude always denotes a complex of inferiority. A compulsive need to feel superior hides a lack of confidence. When we meet someone -who we think is superior to us- we lose that same confidence. The problem is: there will always be someone who’ll outshine us. […]

how to build massive courage

How to build courage

HOW TO BUILD COURAGE? How to build courage? Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. Hellen Keller Kids are extremely courageous. It seems as if they directly go for what they want. They decide extremely fast and they rarely deviate from their decisions. But as we grow up, we slowly lose that boldness. Our […]

transmutation of sexual energy

Transmutation of sexual energy: the secret to success

Transmutation of sexual energy: the secret to success We all want to be more productive in our lives. There is a great link between success and transmutation of sexual energy. Napoleon Hill maintains that the secret of success lies in sexual transmutation. What is sexual transmutation? It consists of channeling our sexual energy. Actually, controlling […]

how to change your life

How to change your life?

How to change your life? A couple of years ago, I would always feel embarrassed whenever I entered a fancy restaurant. Rarely did I go to these kinds of places and I often felt like an outsider, a total misfit. I wouldn’t even dare looking at the doorman or the receptionist. However, when I went […]

discover your purpose in life

How to find your life purpose?

How to find your life purpose? At work, some are doing well financially but the majorities are struggling to make ends meet. In our personal lives, many are subjected to an identity crisis. We suffer from a great void; we feel a lack of purpose and emptiness. Sometimes, it seems that going out of bed […]