Imagine that you are sleeping. You are free and happy at the same time.

You have a peace of mind because you own a system that generates at least a monthly 4-figure income 24/7, all of this passively.

I’ve always dreamt of having such a system work for me. Maybe just like you, I’ve been stuck in the rat race, working 8 hours a day, with just 1-hour break, living with 3$ a day and waiting for the weekend to live.

Just 3$ a day you might say? Yes, that’s true. Let me explain.

I actually live in one of the poorest countries in the world.

I am Sitraka Ratsimba and I am from Madagascar. You might’ve heard of Madagascar before. Not the country but the movie with lemurs, penguins and lions. But there is more than the movie.

Madagascar is a beautiful island with beautiful beaches, white sands and turquoise water.

After graduation, a young professional like me in Madagascar would earn no more than 250$ per month.

I was paid 3 times more than this though. But deep down, I knew I could earn more, far more…

“But deep down, I knew I could earn more, far more…”

The beginning

I am about to tell you a true story. I have two master’s degrees: the first in Entrepreneurship and the second in Enterprise management. But there is no single day without me regretting having spent too much time at University. I just feel like I wasted my time and my life!


Long story short, after my graduation in China, I moved to Berlin, Germany in 2017.

After an internship in Digital Marketing, the company hired me at minimum wage at 1550$, my dream to live in Europe and get paid in € Euros or $ Dollars finally came true!

I already saw myself living in Germany for the next few years. I even visualized myself with my wife and our two kids strolling in a park in Berlin.

I liked my job but one day out of two, I had to replace the guys at the warehouse.

IMAGINE; we had to stand for up to 7 hours a day, packing boxes or labeling the little containers. I felt completely exhausted at the end of the day.

Digital marketing worker

So in parallel, I looked for ways to earn passive income.

Out of curiosity, I started investing my hard-earned money on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. The market would have a +40% increase in one single day. I was exhilarated!

I could afford my first laptop thanks to the bull market at the end of 2017. I first experienced the joy of passive income; gosh I was never this happy!

Bitcoin crash

But BOOM, the market suddenly crashed the next year, in early 2018. In just three days, my portfolio lost more than 60% of its value!

I learned that lesson the hard way: beware of the get-rich-quick scheme.

I felt completely lost. But I continued to search for other ways to earn passive incomes.

As I continued my search, I could see how some young people succeeded. I first followed Lukas Mankow, a 20 something German expert at Amazon FBA. He is a multi-millionaire and I really look up to him.

I planned to follow him and begin an Amazon FBA business.

But  all of my dreams vanished in one single call.

I had a problem with my working visa and they told me: “We still need your last document for us to continue your visa process; otherwise you must go back to your country”.

Unfortunately, I had to leave Germany.

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 The turning point

I had to go back to Madagascar and get another job.

In total despair, I accepted a regular contract as a “Digital Marketer” that would pay me half of my salary in Germany.

When they asked me for my salary expectations, I confided that I earned 1550$ back in Germany.

Their reactions told you everything.

The Human Resources Officer couldn’t believe it and she asked me three times: “WHAT? HOW MUCH? HOW MUCH?

I calmly responded for the third time: 1550$…

She still couldn’t believe what I replied…

In the end, she just blurted: “No, you will NEVER earn that here in Madagascar!”

She was right, I discovered later that most of the guys who work there earn from 200$ to 1000$ per month.

“Maybe that’s your reality” I said in my mind.

Finally, I agreed to get paid 750$, which was already too much for them.


But deep down, I still wanted to earn what I felt I deserve so I carried on my search for ways to earn passive income.

I learned how to set a up a website and sell digital products on the internet, all of this automatically!

It wasn’t always easy; there were a lot of self-doubts along the way.

But it is possible.

And I am a great example that it’s possible.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve” Napoleon Hill

Yes, there’s no magic pill but there’s a magic process we can follow.

It is possible


The results?

“I mostly manage everything on my smartphone. Having a system working on me rather than working for the system! And reading books awoke and have been of a huge help to me”

(Sitraka Ratsimba)
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