The Millionaire Messenger

The Millionaire Messenger

The Millionaire Messenger book will help you recognize that your knowledge and experience hold real market value. There are individuals who are genuinely interested in what you know, consider you an expert, and are willing to pay for your insights.

By Brendon Burchard, 2012, 254 pages.

The Millionaire Messenger

Chronicle and summary of “The millionaire messenger”:


“The Millionaire Messenger” revolves around three key points:

  • Your knowledge and experience, irrespective of the topic or field, hold significant market value.
  • You have the capacity to help others achieve success.
  • By sharing your advice, you can earn a substantial income and lead a comfortable life.

In an era marked by unprecedented entrepreneurship, information has become a crucial asset, giving rise to a thriving industry known as the expert industry. With a message to convey and an Internet connection, individuals can build a career in this industry. You can monetize your knowledge through six information channels, which include writing books, conducting workshops, offering guidance, consulting, providing online products and programs, and hosting seminars.

CHAPTER 1: A crash course in sharing my message

The Millionaire Messenger author, Brendon Burchard is a well-known international leader in training and development. Through his books and training materials, he motivates and influences millions of people. He has connections with notable figures such as the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and other prominent names in the expert industry.

In the first chapter of his book, he shares the story of how his journey into entrepreneurship began. A pivotal moment occurred in his youth when he survived a serious car accident and faced the possibility of death. This experience led to a profound revelation, giving purpose to his life. Even though he wasn’t certain about what to do or say, he felt a strong inner calling to share a message and help others.

CHAPTER 2: Behind the guru curtain

The author shares how he discovered the teachings of Tony Robbins and other personal development experts, investing in their books, CDs, audio programs, DVDs, and seminars. Although these resources greatly influenced his personal growth, he initially chose a more conventional career after completing his studies.

Fueled by an overwhelming desire to share a message and inspired by his personal development mentors, the author eventually took a bold step. Encouraged by loved ones, he resigned from his office job, despite lacking experience in the field and not knowing where to start. The journey proved challenging as he navigated the obstacles to convey his message.

After two years of hard work and perseverance, he began to see positive results. Becoming a successful author and sought-after speaker, he led seminars, mentored, provided business advice, and engaged in online information trading. Success brought financial rewards, with his various ventures generating millions of dollars in revenue after three years.

In a few short years, he established the Experts Academy to train individuals with messages to share. His teachings draw from personal experience and the challenges he successfully overcame in the field of personal development.

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CHAPTER 3: The expert calling and lifestyle

The author highlights that there are well-known experts like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar, Rick Warren, David Bach, and John Gray, among others. However, there are also many lesser-known experts who are successful in their fields and make a good living.

He shares inspiring stories of individuals who became recognized experts without being widely known to the public but achieved significant success in their respective fields. The author suggests that anyone can become an expert by asking themselves questions like “Is there something people frequently ask me how to do?” or “What questions do people often pose when facing certain problems?”

According to him, the “expert industry” offers numerous advantages, listing nine reasons why it is considered the best industry in which to build a career.

  • Follow your passion!

This industry is filled with passionate individuals who are dedicated to sharing their energy and expertise worldwide to support others in their growth.

  • Emphasize creativity and human connections!

Creativity is key in this line of work, where creating various products, such as articles, online seminars, audio and video content, workshops, and guidance programs, is crucial. Establishing a unique connection with customers to understand their needs and maintain communication is essential.

  • The world is at your fingertips!

To thrive in this field, all you need is a laptop and a phone. A significant 92% of experts work from the comfort of their homes.

  • Enjoy flexibility!

No more dealing with strict bosses or difficult colleagues! The expert industry provides great flexibility, allowing collaboration with providers as needed and the ability to part ways with challenging clients.

Moreover, there’s a genuine spirit of collaboration among experts, fostering mutual assistance. The community is open-minded, promoting the sharing of expertise for the common good instead of a competitive mindset from the old economy.

  • Your earnings are in your hands!

Your income corresponds to the effort you invest in conveying your message. The more value you provide, the more organized you become in sharing your knowledge, leading to increased earnings.

  • Income isn’t tied to working hours!

Expert work isn’t paid hourly but based on the value you deliver to your clients. If someone offers you ideas, information, strategies, and contacts that save you time and help you progress in life, you don’t keep track of time or money.

  • No need for a large team!

Most experts have between zero and five employees, even when generating millions of dollars, thanks to the adaptability of subcontracting. Tim Ferris discusses this concept in his book “The 4-Hour Work Week.”

  • Tools are simple and affordable!

Unlike the old economy that required substantial upfront costs for communication, order management, customer relations, manufacturing, storage, and distribution, the modern era has made the process accessible, easy, and quick. A computer and a basic camera are sufficient for creating video and audio content. The customer’s one-click purchase triggers automatic processes from manufacturing to distribution. This step is often omitted for information products, eliminating the need for stocks.

  • Financial success awaits!

The author delves into discussions about money because this field breaks away from traditional markers of money and working hours. Open conversations about money and strategies for financial success enable experts to expand their messages further and help even more people.

CHAPTER 4: YOU: Advice guru

Here, the author breaks down the concept of being an expert.

Many people believe they don’t have any specific expertise, but that’s a misconception. Your life experiences have naturally made you proficient in various areas. What you may not realize is that there are millions of people who could be interested in your expertise and might be willing to pay for it.

Have you ever purchased a book on crafting an effective CV? Have you invested in motivational audio programs or enrolled in classroom or online training? These instances exemplify “the expert industry.”

The core idea is that individuals are ready to pay for the knowledge of someone who has successfully tackled a task and achieved results. This transaction is appealing because it allows people to exchange money for time savings. You can accomplish something more efficiently with the expertise of an expert.

So, the essential questions to ponder are: What areas hold the potential for my expertise? How can I utilize them to teach in the most lucrative sectors of the expert industry?

These are:

  • Motivational advice
  • Leadership advice
  • Financial advice
  • Business and professional advice
  • Marketing advice
  • Advice on interpersonal relations
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Advice about style and aesthetics
  • Advice about productivity

Reflect on your life experiences, the lessons you’ve learned, and the results you’ve achieved. Identify which areas could be beneficial in one of these categories.

There are four types of experts:

  1. Experts in results: Professionals recognized as references who have significant experience and success in their business.
  2. Experts in research: Those who have conducted extensive research in a specific field, even if they haven’t personally succeeded in that area.
  3. Experts to follow: Respected individuals who serve as examples, often sought for advice due to their credibility and trustworthiness.
  4. The winning trio experts: A combination of individuals excelling in results, research, and notoriety in a domain that can help others, making them well-recognized and sought-after experts in that field.

By bringing together those who can achieve results, researchers, and exemplary figures in a field, you create a powerful formula to become a renowned expert and reference in that specific area.

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CHAPTER 5: 10 steps to an expert empire

Here are the nine steps the author outlines for success as an expert:

Step 1: Choose a topic and master it

  • Select a subject you are passionate about or have experience in.
  • Consider topics you’ve dreamed of learning or feel comfortable explaining.

Step 2: Choose your public

  • Identify a target audience for effective promotion.
  • Focus on a profile of easily identifiable people who genuinely need your message.

Step 3: Study your public

  • Understand your audience’s needs to provide advice and information that improves their lives.

Step 4: Settle on your life story

  • Share struggles you’ve faced to create a connection with your audience.
  • Demonstrating adversity fosters credibility and connection, often surpassing academic qualifications.

Step 5: Create a solution

  • Develop products in various formats, such as books, audio files, videos, and live experiences.
  • Tailor your offerings to your audience’s preferences and needs.

Step 6: Create your website

  • Utilize your website to offer valuable information, capture potential customer contacts, and facilitate product sales.
  • Implement effective marketing strategies to drive purchases.

Step 7: Organize campaigns for your products and your programmes

  • Employ strategic sequences to optimize potential customer purchases.
  • Build trust and reciprocity by delivering free value before introducing commercial offers.

Step 8: Find partners

  • Identify other experts in the community with a similar audience.
  • Leverage partnerships to expand your reach and impact.

Step 9: Build your business and customer loyalty

  • Stand out by making your message unique.
  • Strive for excellence by offering value equal to or greater than the market.
  • Emphasize service with a deep commitment to serving others and providing impeccable service on all levels.

CHAPTER 6: The millionaire messenger’s money map

The author provides a detailed explanation of how experts can generate income, emphasizing the importance of developing all six pillars simultaneously for genuine evolution and growth. The six pillars of profit for experts include:

  1. Write Booklets: Create educational materials like booklets (paper or digital), instructor guides, and subscription blogs.
  2. Make Speeches: Engage in public speaking opportunities.
  3. Lead Seminars: Conduct seminars, often considered the most lucrative pillar.
  4. Train and Guide: Offer individual or group courses for training.
  5. Be a Consultant: Provide consultancy services, including project creation and management for organizations or businesses.
  6. Online Sales: Engage in online sales, a primary business avenue for experts.

These pillars can be organized within a model financial plan, which includes:

  1. Creation of a Low-Price Information Product: Develop educational programs or products priced between $20 and $200, such as books, ebooks, audio programs, or courses on DVD.
  2. Creation of a Low-Price Subscription Program: Establish a subscription program offering monthly content priced between $9.97 and $197, including newsletters, audio CDs, videos, or content from other experts.
  3. Creation of an Information Product at an Average Price: Develop a comprehensive product priced between $200 and $999, which may include home learning on DVD, a user manual, and bonus audio programs on CDs.
  4. Creation of a High-Price Seminar: Conduct multi-day seminars priced over $1000, generating revenue through ticket sales and additional product sales.
  5. Creation of a Consultancy Program: Offer consultancy services at hourly rates (between $150 and $350 per hour), although this model is not highly recommended due to its reliance on traditional hourly billing.

The author suggests starting with a consultancy practice and combining these five strategies to create a successful financing plan that can yield revenue exceeding one million euros.

CHAPTER 7: The messenger mind-set

In this chapter, the author outlines the essential mindset required for effective message delivery. The messenger should possess:

  1. A Fierce Desire to Transmit a Message: This entails a deep thirst to share and serve, treating the act as a mission, obligation, or vocation.
  2. The Desire to Learn and Create: A willingness to acquire new knowledge, create what is lacking, and ensure the successful delivery of the message, regardless of challenges.
  3. A Clear Vision: The capability to maintain a clear vision of the project, even when facing obstacles or enduring a prolonged journey.
  4. Simultaneous Roles: The ability to embody multiple roles – a perpetual learner, a teacher, and, above all, a servant dedicated to assisting others in solving their problems.
  5. Masterful Understanding: Mastery of the topic at hand, demonstrating a commitment to thorough knowledge and not settling for half measures.

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CHAPTER 8: The millionaire mandates

In this section, the author emphasizes crucial skills required for success in the expert industry:

  1. Positioning:
  • Essential for reaching the right audience and standing out from competitors.
  • High-end strategy involves setting above-average market prices and focusing on practical, well-structured content in seminars.
  • Building credible positioning through offering high-value free content, staying forward-looking, and cultivating relationships with other experts.
  1. Presentation and Packaging:
  • Conveying ideas and products in a manner that reflects aesthetic clarity and professionalism.
  • Presenting oneself as an expert with well-structured ideas, maintaining a quality image, and a professional appearance.
  1. Promotion:
  • Merging marketing and training by offering valuable free content before proposing paid programs.
  • Promotional techniques include affirmations, addressing customer challenges, shared experiences, credibility, product differentiation, price comparison, addressing concerns, and concluding with a call to action.
  • Incorporating partnerships to widen visibility by identifying and approaching experts for cross-promotional activities.

These skills collectively contribute to a successful career in the expert industry.

CHAPTER 9: The messenger manifesto

In the penultimate chapter of the book The Millionaire Messenger, Brendon Burchard advocates for a new mindset for the future development of the expert industry, summarized as follows:

  • A Sense of Sharing:

Encouraging experts to learn collectively, share best practices, and collaborate to train the next generation of leaders.

  • Innovation and Distinction:

Emphasizing the importance of standing out by creating unique content and sharing personal stories that express the distinctive character of an expert’s approach.

  • Improve Brand Image:

Focusing on the presentation and aesthetics of products and services to consistently convey an impression of quality across all communication channels.

  • Transition to Value Communication:

Shifting from traditional sales communication to an approach centered on providing value to people in every form of communication.

  • Excellence in Customer Service:

Making customer service a key component of the overall brand image, involving responsiveness, attentiveness to customer needs, clear information, trial periods, and a customer-friendly refund policy. The focus is on enhancing the relationship with customers.

CHAPTER 10: Trusting your voice

In the concluding chapter, the author underscores the uniqueness of the expert industry, highlighting it as an unparalleled source of distinctive tools for personal growth and freedom. According to the author, the messages conveyed by him and others are not only crucial for individual development but also contribute significantly to society.

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Conclusion “The millionaire messenger”:

In my view, “The Millionaire Messenger” serves as an excellent manual for individuals aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship but lacking clarity on what product or service to offer.

My experience with “The Millionaire Messenger” was a revelation. I resonated deeply with the person aspiring for more significant professional and financial achievements, seeking to step out of the comfort zone. Questions like, “What groundbreaking idea could I have? How do I even start?” lingered. Brendon Burchard’s insights in The Millionaire Messenger made me realize that each of us possesses ideas, knowledge, and life experiences that hold potential value for a considerable audience. Even though we might not perceive it as intrinsically valuable, others are willing to pay for it!

This revelation was transformative. It inspired me to create my blog and explore ways to monetize it. Subsequent to the initial astonishment, I voraciously consumed “The Millionaire Messenger.” It’s a comprehensive guide, offering an A-to-Z approach, outlining the essential ingredients and the recipe for transforming an idea, knowledge, or experience into a widespread, income-generating endeavor. The book conveys the empowering message that you can turn your passion into a livelihood while simultaneously assisting others!

The strong points of “The Millionaire Messenger” are evident as it serves as a motivating force for ambitious individuals, unveiling untapped potential with economic value. The book challenges conventional ideas, asserting that you have the freedom to choose where, when, and with whom you work. Moreover, it encourages the pursuit of a job that aligns with personal passions, allowing for a fulfilling career while making a good living. It serves as an introduction to the new digital economy, characterized by a logic contrary to the old economy, and holds the potential to be a life-changing read.

However, the book may not resonate with everyone, being most suitable for those with an entrepreneurial mindset. A cultural and economic gap is perceptible between the financial success the author demonstrates in the United States and the potential outcomes readers might anticipate on the other side of the Atlantic. Towards the end, the book tends to become somewhat idealistic, with the author envisioning a perfect economy.

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