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How to improve your memory – The best techniques

How to improve your memory? Back in high school, I’ve always wondered why some people seem to memorize like an elephant. I never understood how actors could memorize an entire script. I was curious whether it’s an innate talent or if it’s workable. If we can get better memory, what kind of training do we […]


Mind map: How to be 10X more productive

Mindmap: How to be 10X more productive How can I structure all this information? For an avid reader or a simple high school student, there could be too much information to absorb. We struggle when we want to teach, express and structure our ideas. We even consider “organizing our ideas” to be the oldest problem […]

how to learn a new language

How to learn a new language: 7 tips you need to know

How to learn a new language: 7 tips you need to know How to learn a new language? Let’s say first that learning a new language opens new doors and new ways of viewing the world. It is discovering a new culture with all its characteristics. For example, I learned later that many books are […]

decision making

How to make a decision and change your life [forever]

How to make a decision and change your life? We all have problems and all successful people have one common trait: they know how to make a hard decision. To be successful we need to solve big problems and by solving them, we will be rewarded. Decision-making plays a key role in our personal and […]

Fast reading techniques

Speed reading: How to double your knowledge in 9 months

Speed reading: how to double your knowledge Imagine being able to double your knowledge in just 9 months. I didn’t believe it at first but it turned out it is actually possible.  Let me tell you a story about how I learned speed reading. Back in 2012, I used to read a book within a […]

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Learning the English language: how my past frustrations helped me

Learning the English language My past frustrations with the English language Maybe learning the English language started with my Mom who always wanted to be an English teacher. She infused in me the love of the language of Shakespeare. In my childhood, I remember she liked to jokingly say “I eat babies” or “Mischievous”. I […]