The law of attraction secrets

The law of attraction

I am delighted to see you today as I am about to share one of the biggest revelations in my life: the law of attraction. It helped millions of people and I hope it can help you as well. My mission with this blog is to share with you all of the coaching tips on personal development I learned and am applying in my own life. In my community, we usually say: “Let’s achieve our best version of ourselves” so let’s just do that. As we say in German: Los geht’s (let’s go). 

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The law of attraction is real because our mind is like a soil

A few years ago, I stopped watching TV and reading the newspaper. At that time, I had constant negative thoughts, I was fat and I just didn’t like myself. Apart from being unconscious, I allowed every negative thoughts enter my mind and I kept entertaining them for over 20 years. 

I stopped following the news because I realized it’s nothing more than negativity, all doom and gloom! It might not be obvious but what we read, see on TV and even what we eat impact us on a deeper level. If you don’t pay attention, it can have significant impact on our health and well-being. 

Our mind is like a soil: what you plant in your mind is what you’re going to reap. If we plant a mango seed, we will never expect a banana or a pear. In the same way, if we plant positive thoughts in our mind, we will reap positive results and inversely.

The law of attraction: the secret to manifest what you want

Make this thought a dominant thought

Before talking about the law of attraction, we need to understand that everything in this universe consists of energy and cycle. There is the law of cause and effect. We also have the law of cycles: for instance the cycle of the seasons, the moon and even for women. 


According to the law of attraction, when we think of something, we manifest these thoughts. With our general thoughts, the pictures we maintain consistently in our mind, we attract our circumstances, our health, the people around us and our financial situation.

Several tools are used to create these energies of attraction, such as affirmations, meditation, visualization, meditation and prayer, positive thinking…

We attract what we think most about. If we can project our mind towards what we want and make this thought a dominant thought, we will attract it into our lives.

The law of attraction states that everything we think, say and feel do come back to us: what goes around comes around; what we sow so shall we reap. 


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How to use the most powerful law in the Universe? 

In a more proactive way, by understanding the law of attraction, we can create the circumstances we wish in our lives by exercising our intention, visualization and affirmations. 

To manifest what we want in our life, it is not enough to think about it once in a while. If we really want to materialize it, there is a secret. When you visualize what you want or when you make your affirmations, you must feel what you want. It is to really believe as if you already have what you ask for. What emotions would you feel in that particular  moment? How would you feel if everything you wished for was already in your life?

You must feel what you want

We often talk about the law of attraction in terms of attracting abundance to oneself in different fields (love, money, health…).

Another secret is to be happy long before you achieve your goal. Most of us think that only by achieving our goals would we be happy. Why not be happy, feel enthusiastic and excited while working on our goals? By doing this, would we be able to attract faster what we commit to manifest: be happy while working on your goals.

The law of attraction and love: Deep down, what do you believe?

In life, we don’t have what we want to have; but what we really believe we deserve to have

We are what we think. We are what we believe. Your beliefs are powerful and what you believe always manifests in a certain way. And this is the trap: if deep down, you don’t believe it is possible, no visualization, affirmation would be enough. In order to manifest and unlock the full potential of the law of attraction we MUST believe; deep down what we tell ourselves.  

To give you an example, let’s say that your goal is to earn $1 million a year. In your subconscious mind, never would you believe you can have this amount. Is there a chance for you to manifest that if deep down you don’t believe it? The short answer is: “no”.

Let’s imagine that what you want materialize is love and you visualize yourself living this love. You make affirmations on how much you deserve love and to be loved. Yet, deep down, you feel that you are undeserving of love. Just like the previous example, you wouldn’t manifest it.

In life, we don’t have what we want to have; but what we really believe we deserve to have. We attract what we consistently feel and think whether it’s good or bad. 

Practice within when you are without

For you to change, the first step of all is to work with what is invisible. Your mindset, your system of beliefs have produced the result that you have right now. Sometimes changing our external conditions help but it is not the determinant factor. We are here because of all the thoughts and beliefs we had since our childhood. We are going to be where we are in 10 years; thanks to the thoughts, beliefs and actions that we take starting from today. I wrote an article about how I attracted a particular event in my life and I hope you can do that as well. Until next time!