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Learning the English language: how my past frustrations helped me

Learning the English language My past frustrations with the English language Maybe learning the English language started with my Mom who always wanted to be an English teacher. She infused in me the love of the language of Shakespeare. In my childhood, I remember she liked to jokingly say “I eat babies” or “Mischievous”. I […]

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Get rid of instant gratification and achieve success

Get rid of instant gratification and achieve success THE FIRST TOASTMASTERS CLUB OF MADAGASCAR: My Speech This is a speech I delivered at The First Toastmasters Club of Madagascar. Every Toastmasters Club’s mission is to provide a strongly supportive environment to enhance our public speaking and leadership skills. It results in great self-confidence, happiness and […]

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How to make a decision: the regret minimization system

How to make a decision: the regret minimization system Facing a difficult choice, Jeff Bezos’ decision making process has changed the way I view the world (and can too change yours). I just discovered it two hours ago and I couldn’t wait writing an article about it. Jeff Bezos isn’t the only successful figure to […]

Discipline vs. Passion: Why passion and motivation suck

Behind every successful man: why passion doesn’t work On our entrepreneurial journey, the common question is: “how to be more productive?” Or: “how to get things done?” Why not a motivational movie or motivational videos on YouTube? After all, it’s great to be motivated right after watching an inspiring movie. Or maybe success quotes? But […]

The endeavor to persevere: 3 keys to long-term success

By experience, starting something is difficult, it requires determination and perseverance. It might be exhilarating at the beginning, but there comes a point where self-doubt and fear win over. Launching a business, acting on an idea we believe is extremely motivating. We think that our life will change forever. Yet, our enthusiasm might fade away […]

Personal development: What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life? I recently watched a TEDx Video of a friend of mine. Growing up in Madagascar, she went to Morocco for her undergraduate program and she’s now studying in Saudi Arabia. We can feel how grateful she is for this opportunity. The kids who grew up with her didn’t have […]