Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger

Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger

Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s autobiography, titled “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True-Life Story,” was published in 2012. Born in a small Austrian village with limited resources and prospects, Schwarzenegger’s journey is a remarkable tale of triumph. From a childhood without running water to becoming a Hollywood superstar, Governor of California, and world-renowned bodybuilder, his story is extraordinary.

In the book, he chronicles his Austrian upbringing, early introduction to weightlifting and bodybuilding, and his persistent dream of moving to the United States to pursue his ambitions. Despite facing challenges, his competitive spirit, diligent training, and smart approach to life led him to win multiple bodybuilding titles, including Mister Olympia and Mister Universe. Even before his film career took off, Schwarzenegger had already achieved millionaire status through shrewd real estate investments.

While “Conan the Barbarian” marked his breakout role in Hollywood, Schwarzenegger understood the uncertainty of relying solely on the film industry for income. This insight prompted him to diversify his revenue streams.

The autobiography paints a candid picture of Schwarzenegger’s journey. His frankness about his flaws, failures, and triumphs makes him a relatable and likable character. Towards the end of the book, he imparts valuable advice for success. He stresses the importance of having a vision and pursuing it relentlessly. His vision of fame and achievement in America took precedence over money, despite the financial sacrifices he made during his two terms as Governor of California.

Schwarzenegger’s story is both inspiring and insightful, offering a glimpse into the mindset that propelled him from a humble beginning to a position of global prominence.

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Use adversity as a stepping stone

He recounts: When I pursued lead roles in films, advisors I consulted discouraged me, claiming my physique, name, and accent were too distinctive. However, I disregarded their counsel. Instead, I dedicated myself to improving my accent and acting skills. While I had already sculpted my body for leading roles, I broke through with “Conan” and “Terminator.” The perceived hindrances agents highlighted transformed me into an action hero, a point of immense significance.

A significant message he conveys: When met with rejection, interpret it as affirmation. The word “impossible” was one I chose to defy during my tenure as Governor. Conquering the unattainable requires direct confrontation. He aptly states: Failure holds little consequence, as predictions of failure abound; it’s success that propels progress and moves the world forward.

Further counsel he imparts: Resist the crowd’s pull. Forge your path where no one else treads. As they say in Los Angeles, evade peak-hour congestion by navigating side streets. He shares: While aspiring actors clamored for minor roles, I aimed for lead positions. Just as politicians initiate their journey in local offices, I aspired to the Governor’s office. Easier emergence from the crowd occurs when aiming for the summit. An astute observation.

Recurring in his book “Total Recall”, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a notion echoed on this channel as wells: Whatever your pursuit, the art of self-promotion is paramount

In Total Recall”, Arnold Schwarzenegger maintains: You might excel in poetry, literature, science, or your profession, yet if your brilliance remains concealed, its value diminishes. Thus, mastery of self-promotion reigns supreme. A truly essential principle.

He also emphasizes: Whenever he encounters a successful individual, what he terms a “high-profile person,” he invariably endeavors to fathom their journey to success. This trait aligns with the habits of accomplished individuals. They delve into the mechanics of achievement, delving into real-life examples. Whenever they cross paths with success, they probe to unravel the strategic blueprints adopted from the outset.

As he puts it: Success is reached by myriad paths, and I derive pleasure from crafting new guidelines based on my experiences and those of others. A salient facet indeed. Always seek insight from others, for regrettably, many fixate on the negative. They absorb gloomy news broadcasts, believing the world to be in perpetual turmoil. They find themselves amidst a predominantly pessimistic environment. It’s challenging to grasp how those harboring such perspectives can glean success insights or learn what actions to integrate into their lives for greater success.


He gives ten principles for practical application

Never allow pride to obstruct your path. He points to Muhammad Ali as a beacon of positive influence. An intriguing point in “Total Recall”, Arnold Schwarzeneggeris raises is the advice to avoid overthinking. He contends that incessant thinking keeps the mind from unwinding. According to him, what’s necessary is allowing the body and mind to drift freely. 

There’s a contrasting viewpoint: people often fall short in the realm of thinking. Generally, reflection remains scarce. Many individuals harbor life objectives yet never conceive a dream or aspiration—perhaps to escape an unsatisfying job and cultivate financial autonomy. They take a seat to devise an action plan, dedicating a mere five minutes to ponder. It’s the classic scenario: having a loathed job but failing to strategize a change, a shift in mindset, a proactive plan. People could greatly benefit from more contemplation.

Now, it’s vital to underscore that action must follow thought. Reflection intertwined with action. Nonetheless, he contends that people tend to err on the side of excessive contemplation rather than catalyzing change through action. Perhaps, then, what’s required is a recalibration toward action.

Excessive analysis is a genuine disadvantage

In Total Recall”, Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a valid point. It’s essential to pause and engage in thoughtful consideration before arriving at a decision.

Another principle he emphasizes is the absence of an alternative plan. Arnold Schwarzenegger staunchly advocates for unwavering belief in your primary plan, without entertaining a backup strategy. While not my personal approach, it’s his chosen method. Essentially, having no plan B places the onus on plan A to succeed—stripped down to its simplest interpretation.

Leveraging a sense of humor can serve as a valuable tool for navigating challenging situations. Schwarzenegger consistently infuses humor into his movies, interviews, and other interactions.

Time allocation is another key tenet. Each day comprises a finite 24 hours—a principle he underscores.

And then there’s the concept of repetition, a point he accentuates. It boils down to the idea of practicing, refining, and repeating actions for enhanced effectiveness—essentially, the sixth guiding principle.

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Don’t blame your parents

In Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and moving on to the eighth principle, it’s imperative to possess the fortitude and bravery required for enacting change. Arnold Schwarzenegger illustrates this with a reference to Gorbachev—an individual who demonstrated the audacity to transform a clearly unsustainable system. This decision defied the potential for it to persist for decades longer, had someone not possessed the political courage to instigate change.

Now, the ninth principle centers around nurturing both the mind and body.

Never let go of your hunger

As articulated In Total Recall”, Arnold Schwarzenegger highlights that an undeniable hunger for success is pivotal—an appetite to leave a mark, to resonate audibly, and to wield influence. 

And as achievements accumulate, he advocates for preserving that hunger, channeling it toward assisting others. This sentiment recalls Steve Jobs’ 2004 Stanford address: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

This might well be one of the most exceptional books you can encounter. You can set aside your current read and embark on this one promptly. The content is truly remarkable. Plunging into the life of someone with such a captivating narrative and a resolute drive to excel offers an abundance of intriguing and captivating insights. In “Total Recall”, Arnold Schwarzenegger aspired to become Mister Universe and accomplished it; he aspired to movie stardom and attained it. 

His ambitions extended to politics, clinching the governorship of a state as prosperous as France, boasting a population almost equivalent to the nation’s. This ability to delve into someone’s thoughts and life, while extracting pragmatic and straightforward guidance from an individual of such formidable accomplishment, is indeed something to cherish. 

Finally, the ability to invest a mere 10 dollars in a book and, in return, access the wisdom of one of the preeminent minds on this planet, is a truly remarkable privilege.

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