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The one minute millionaire summary

Welcome to the one minute millionaire summary. Two best-selling authors with decades of experience share their secrets on how to accumulate extraordinary wealth and achieve great success. Mark Victor Hansen, and Robert G. Allen, one of the world’s most renowned financial experts, have helped thousands of people become millionaires. Now it’s your turn.

The Minute Millionaire is a revolutionary method of building wealth and a very powerful self-discovery program. It consists of two books in one: a theory book and a fictional story. This structure has been chosen to accommodate two types of learning, allowing you to fully assimilate these life-changing lessons. On the right pages, you will follow the story of a woman who must make a million dollars in 90 days in order to keep custody of her children.

On the pages on the left, you will find practical, step-by-step strategies and techniques that you can apply to your everyday life. You’ll discover more than a hundred tips called “Millionaire Minutes”, each with a specific and valuable lesson in creating wealth. In every city, often in the shadows, there are thousands of enlightened millionaires who have accumulated their wealth in innovative and honorable ways and who share their wealth with their communities. This book teaches you how to become one of them… faster than you think.

No matter your present circumstances, here are the four steps to your first million.

1- Decide that it’s okay for you to become a millionaire.

2- Practice imagining yourself enjoying an abundant lifestyle.

3- Spend less than you earn.

4- Invest the difference.

Choosing your millionaire mountain

In the whole wide world of money there are only four major ways of becoming a millionaire. No matter what your background, you can learn to master one of these areas.

1- Investments: Accumulating shares of stock, bonds, CDs

2- Real Estate: Owning properties

3- Business: Marketing products, services, or ideas

4- Internet: Expanding possibilities


The one minute millionaire summary


The one minute millionaire summary: THE MILLIONAIRE AHAS

PRINCIPLES are simple yet powerful models that help us understand how the world works. And principles generate the same result each and every time—no matter where, when, or who uses them. Principles work when you work them.

The authors believe that there are at least 24 principles of wealth. They call them ahas.

The first aha: everyone manifests

As explained in the one minute millionaire summary; first, you think it, then you manifest it. You “materialize” it. You cause it to appear. Everyone manifests. Some people manifest abundance. Others manifest lack. If you don’t have what you want, examine your thoughts. Ask yourself, “How did I manifest this?” You are the fruit of the thoughts you have planted and nourished. If you want a better harvest, you must plant better thoughts.

Thoughts are things. Every thought has a consequence. No thought lives in your brain rent-free. Each thought is a pebble dropped into the pond of your life—the ripples are real. The more intense the thought, the more powerful the outcome.

The second aha: be – do – have

You have to follow that specific order to become an enlightened millionaire: be – do – have.

You must BE an Enlightened Millionaire before you DO anything. From that “BE” space you DO what needs to be done to add as much value to the world as possible. As a result of your Enlightened Beingness, your behavior or Doingness will be appropriate in each situation.

The third aha: Live life above the line

Instead of blaming and justifying, the authors recommend taking personal responsibility, from above the line.

We may not be responsible for everything that happens. However, the more we are willing to view the world from this vantage point, the more the reins to life are in our own hands. By operating “above the line,” each of us has optimal control, direction, and command over our existence.

The fourth aha: abundance is your natural state

The Universe is fundamentally abundant. There is no shortage, except in our own mind. Infinite money potentially awaits each of us who apply the principles of acquiring it. You can decide to become wealthy and abundant now, and the Universe will cheerfully provide.

Opportunities and blessings come to individuals who embrace an abundant attitude. Others everywhere have created abundance, so can you.

The fifth aha: givers get

Reflect for a moment; aren’t the people with the most friends the ones who are the most friendly? Aren’t the people who receive the most love the most loving? This is the Enlightened Millionaire’s principle of “Givers Get.”

To obtain a millionaire dollar to your net worth, you must first give. This is not possible using ordinary logic. Yet on the meta level, that is exactly what happens. Embracing this paradox is a combination of faith and action. It is the process of standing on the edge of a cliff and trusting that there is a fabulous world of abundance in the valley and then leaping.

The spiritual dimension expands, multiplies, and adds value to all that is given.

The sixth aha: changing your reality is a snap

Do you ever talk to yourself? Many people have a positive internal voice that encourages them— especially when they’ve done something good. It’s like their own personal cheerleader: “You can do it.” “Go for it.” “Good for you!” “You did it!” “Way to go!” Do you have a voice like that?

Some people have a voice that is more skeptical: “Who do you think you are?” “You can’t do that.” “What an idiot.” “Why are you so stupid?” “You can’t do anything right.” “You’re so clumsy.”

Sometimes, without being aware of it, this skeptical voice talks us out of our dreams.

The authors call that voice “Mr. Yabut (or Ms. Yabut, depending on your gender), because he or she is always trying to talk you out of something.

You have to replace your internal dialogue with positive and encouraging words. You can control your thinking. Your thinking controls your behavior. Your behavior controls your results.

The seventh aha: words transform

The spoken word has a tremendous impact on both your external and internal reality. Words have power. Whatever you say eventually comes back to you like a boomerang. Hence, it is critical to use words properly. Choose your words carefully. Then watch the results in your own life.

The eighth aha: you are your wealth

When you subtract your liabilities from your assets, you come up with what is known as “net worth.” If you want to be a net millionaire, what you own minus what you owe must equal more than a million dollars.

But the authors talk about invisible assets that are the real source for all the wealth we possess. For instance, there is the original business idea, the courage to implement it, the contacts and relationships that helped you accomplish it. There are also the creativity, determination, persistence, commitment and knowledge.

As a beginner, there are only three resources you need: a good idea; the commitment to do it; the key contacts who possess all the other resources.

The ninth aha: wealth is freedom

You want to have enough money so that all your future days are prepaid. You will work because you want to work, not because you have to work. That’s money freedom.

Having accomplished your first evolutionary step of money freedom, you now pass “go” and move on to time freedom. Time freedom doesn’t mean you don’t work, it means that your work is your play. Your play becomes your work. You savor it. You own it. Work does not own you.

With time and money freedoms, you can pursue relationship freedom. You and your loved ones will have one of life’s most precious gifts-love and time to explore it.

And you can now investigate your spiritual beingness. You can work toward achieving spiritual freedom. You can discover who you are in God and who God is in you. Let’s not forget physical freedom.

These five great freedoms give you Ultimate Freedom—the ability to pursue your real genius.

The tenth aha: it all starts with a dream

Where will you be five years from today? Are you still living in the same house? Driving the same car? Working at the same job? Does five years pass and make you older, grayer, fatter, deeper in debt? Or do you see a brighter future? Let’s go there.

What’s important to you about transforming this dream into reality? Write it down. When you do this, you are becoming an Enlightened Millionaire.

The eleventh aha: clarity is power

Don’t think of your goals, think from your goals. Visualize.

In other words, rather than thinking of your future dream home, think from your dream home. Imagine yourself actually living in that dream home—as if you were already there. Imagine walking in the front door of your dream home. What do you see? And what do you smell? Or what do you hear? What can you taste? How does it feel to have acquired this home? What are you saying to yourself? Actually experience living there. That’s the difference between simply thinking of your dream home and thinking from it.

As you practice this new method of vivid visualizing, you will find that your self-image begins to conform to these new images in your mind.

The twelfth aha: more clarity is more powerful

On a daily basis, write your six major goals. The author learned this idea from Brian Tracy. He writes his major goals down every day. It magnetizes his mind to what he really wants to accomplish that day.

In addition, affirm each of these six goals daily, as if you’d already achieved your success.

Keep a 3×5 card with you as you go throughout your day. On this single card affirm all six of your major goals. Read these goals aloud four times a day, at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and just before you go to sleep. This last step is most important, because your mind never sleeps.

Think only of what you want, never what you don’t want. Visualize yourself earning the kind of money needed to reach your goals. Write it. Read it. Say it. See it. Notice how your goals magically materialize into your life.

The thirteenth aha: tap into your genius

Are you a “genius”? Expressing your genius is knowing what you want to do with your life and doing it because it expresses who you really are. Tiger Woods, Oprah, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates. They’re expressing their genius. They’re living the life they were born to live. It’s hard to imagine them doing anything else. No wonder they’re so successful! Here are four characteristics of people who are expressing their genius: passion, talent, values and destiny.

The fourteenth aha: lover age (as in leverage)

To become rich one minute at a time requires that you do what you love doing and you are passionate about it.

Remember, the force that propels human action is emotion. Feelings—not cold cognitions—drive Enlightened Millionaires to turn good ideas into great value. If you love what you are doing, it is much easier.

The fifteenth aha: imagination trumps will

When your will—your rational, logical self—comes in conflict with your imagination—your creative, right-brained self— your imagination always wins. Put simply, your imagination is the key.

Imagine the best-case scenario. Project the best possible outcome. That’s what Enlightened Millionaires do.

The sixteenth aha: the size of the question determines the size of the result

If you ask yourself “How do I earn or create a million dollars?” your mind goes to work to discover the answer. Your mind is compelled to work ceaselessly until a satisfactory answer is found.

Note that most individuals ask themselves questions like these: “How do I get a job, salary, or work?” or “Can I earn $50,000 doing this?”

The wrong question will generate the wrong result or a less than outstanding outcome. Questions predetermine the answer. The size of your question determines the size of your answer. Few people ever ask million dollar earning, inventing, innovating, generating, and creating questions. They are yours to ask.

The seventeenth aha: you already know the answer

Take time to cultivate your intuition. Before you make a decision, check with your “inner knower.” Go with your “gut.” It is almost never wrong.

The eighteenth aha: be congruent

To manifest abundance, you need to achieve congruence—the condition where all parts of you are in alignment. You need to align three key parts.

The first is desire: You’ve got to want it.

The second is belief: You’ve got to believe you can make money—lots of it.

The third is self-acceptance: You’ve got to believe that you deserve to be wealthy —to your very core.

If one of these is out of alignment, your energy is diffused, ineffective.

EVERY part of you must “buy in”—your heart, your mind, and your spirit. All systems GO. The Enlightened Millionaire is congruent.

The nineteenth aha: you are a money magnet

As Napoleon Hill writes in Think and Grow Rich, “Our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds, and, by means with which no man is familiar, these “magnets” attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.”

In other words, you become a literal magnet for the things you want. If you really want money, money literally can’t say no.

The twentieth aha: knock and it shall be opened

When you are committed, the cells in your body are energized by the passion of your purpose. Enlightened Millionaires are committed.

Commitment is the spark that ignites the fire. Commitment is the key that starts the engine. When one lays down a line in the sand and declares, “I am committed to do this—whatever it takes, for however long it takes,” then an invisible signal goes forth, like a radio beacon, resonating with whatever resources are necessary to complete the task.

These resources begin to “materialize” as if by magic. Ideas begin to flow. Time slows down or speeds up to accommodate. People suddenly arrive as if summoned.

The twenty-first aha: sharing is having more

Enlightened Millionaires donate the first 10% of all of their incomes to the charities and/or churches in their communities. This giving multiplies prosperity a thousandfold.

“Tithing always gives the greatest return on your investment.” Go behind the scenes of most great fortunes, you’ll find a common pattern—the more they gave, the more they got.

Just like water expands when it’s heated, money expands when it is given away. Giving literally magnifies, multiplies, and exponentializes money. Conversely, the tighter you squeeze your money, the more compact it becomes.

Many people in poverty consciousness think that money shrinks when you give it away (100% − 10% = 90%). The Enlightened Millionaire knows that giving money actually expands in the spiritual dimension (100% x 10% = 1,000%). This is spiritual math. Tithing is a money multiplier, not a money subtracter. It expands, multiplies, and adds value to all that you do. When you begin to live this law, you’ll lay claim to a multiplied harvest of 30-fold, 60-fold, or 100-fold.

The Enlightened Millionaire knows that giving is a seed that multiplies infinitely. Tithing is the tool.

The Enlightened Millionaire donates the first 10% of all of his or her income. This giving multiplies your prosperity a thousandfold. Committing to this will transform your life and make you richer than you ever dreamed possible.

The twenty-second aha: God knows where the gold is

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths…. Honour the Lord with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine. (Proverbs 3: 5–6, 9–10)

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of Hosts. (Malachi 3: 10–11)

The Enlightened Millionaire acknowledges that God knows where the gold is. Allow God to show you.

The twenty-third aha: destruction is creation

To create permanent change within a material or a human being, a force must be applied that is strong enough to exceed the “elastic limits” of the object or old conditioning of the individual. How do you transcend your old habits and move to a new level in your life?

Start focusing on your future vision. The vision must be so strong that it dominates your thoughts, your choices, and your activities. What one attitude or habit can you eliminate right now that is hurting your ability to manifest a million dollars?

The twenty-fourth aha: putting it all together

Getting your act together is the final key to manifesting what you want.

The one minute millionaire summary: LEVERAGE = SPEED

Leverage equals speed. To make a million dollars in a minute, you must master the principle of leverage. The more leverage you have in your added-value activity, the easier and faster you make money.

The longer the lever, the greater the impact. Enlightened Millionaires know that ease and speed are the new currencies of business. Hence, Enlightened Millionaires create very long and strong levers.

Millionaires are masters at using all five kinds of leverage in the business world:OPM—Other People’s Money

OPE—Other People’s Experience

OPI—Other People’s Ideas

OPT—Other People’s Time

OPW—Other People’s Work

Millionaires are constantly looking for leverage. Enlightened Millionaires constantly ask: How can I leverage this situation, this opportunity, this idea? To become an Enlightened One Minute Millionaire, your mantra must be, “Where’s the leverage?

Where’s the leverage?”

There are six key forms of leverage that give you maximum leverage.

1- Mentors

2- Teams

3- Networks

4- Infinite Networks

5- Tools and skills

6- Systems

Apply all of these forms of leverage to a pure, enlightened goal, and you are unstoppable.

MENTORS: The powerful leverage in a mentoring relationship

Every successful person has mentors. A mentor is a shortcut to perspective, proficiency, and patience.

Mentoring is powerful form of leverage. Drawing from your mentor’s experience is the quickest, safest, and easiest way to climb the Millionaire Mountain.

Mentors are everywhere. Each person you meet can “accidentally” teach you something to advance your cause.

Mentors don’t need to be people. Anything that causes you to change course in life—a life-threatening disease, losing a job, reading a book, or an encounter with an animal—can serve as a mentor.

Constantly seek out mentoring relationships. When you find yourself lacking in anything—an attitude, an awareness, a skill, a habit, a technique, or a strategy—seek a mentor to show you the shortcut.

Assemble a Dream Team of your favorite heroes and sheroes, present and past. Form an imaginary Council of Light consisting of your selected leaders. Imagine being able to counsel with them as if they were communicating with you in person.

Set a goal to search out at least one millionaire a month. Request an audience, either in person, by phone, or by e-mail to pick your millionaire mentor’s brains.

The best kind of mentor is a transformational mentor. A transformational mentor creates a context in which you experience ahas

TEAMS: The powerful leverage in a dream team

1- You need a team to obtain your dream. Success is not a solo project.

2- Synergy is combining one plus one and getting eleven. The synergy of a team gives you maximum leverage.

3- Values are the core beliefs that rudder your life. No matter how much money is made, without shared values, disruption, dysfunction, and disappointment will be the result. Failure to live your values is not a setback; it is a real failure.

4- Take the Enlightened Millionaire Values Survey. Go to and discover your core values.

5- Each new member of your Dream Team must be on three month probation. If a team member doesn’t share your core values, he or she needs to be removed.

6- Determine what your natural strengths are. Then look for others who have complementary abilities. This way you can hand off your “weakness work” to someone who has strength in that area.

7- Determine if you are a Hare, an Owl, a Turtle, or a Squirrel. Go to and take the HOTS Survey to determine your natural strengths. This is a critical step in creating your Dream Team.

8- There is no dirty work, just the wrong person doing the wrong work. Approach each team task with the HOTS Survey results in mind.

9- Every great idea is born drowning. Initially, all ideas should be supported. After that has happened the naysayers are given a chance to express their fears and foreboding. This way your Dream Team supports its brilliance rather than talking itself outof it. Conduct Speed Meetings for maximum results.

NETWORKS: The powerful leverage

1- A network of relationships increases your leverage. The more connections you have, the more leverage you possess.

2- One principle for extending your network lever is “weak ties.” Most people intuitively feel it is their close friendships and strong ties that are most important. In fact, in most cases, your weak ties are more important.

3- You must master the strength of the weak tie. Most people do not instinctively cultivate “weak-tie” relationships. However, to make large sums of money quickly, you need to hone this skill.

4- Those who “network the networks” gain the most leverage. The value of your network is the square of the number of people in it.

5- “Givers Gain” is your networking motto. Give something away for free that is valuable to network members. It brings attention to you and it builds trust. Do not expect reciprocity.

6- Once you have created a network, do whatever it takes to maintain it. The Golden Rule of Networking is: “Be very quick to build connections and extremely slow to break them.”

INFINITE NETWORKS: The powerful leverage of the infinite network

1- Embrace the spiritual. Embracing the spiritual side of wealth is the single most important and most powerful form of leverage for Enlightened Millionaires.

2- The unseen world is the source of infinite abundance. When you unite with the source of infinite abundance, you also becomeinfinitely abundant.

3- Integrity is key to tap into the infinitely abundant Infinite Network. It is this integrity that ensures your long-term success.

4- Tithing works. Regardless of your income, acknowledge your relationship with the Infinite Network by giving 10% of your income to your church, community, or favorite humanitarian cause. Just as a wise gardener prunes a growing tree to balance it and prepare it for greater growth, God encourages us to prune back our money trees by tithing.

5- Acknowledging the spiritual dimension makes your life far less stressful. Moreover, as your success gracefully unfolds, a deep sense of gratitude will permeate your being.

6- Dream impossible dreams. The Spiritual Internet has God as the mainframe computer, with individuals as miniframes off the mainframe. The Spiritual Internet works when a team has a big, purposeful dream, and everyone stays positive about its accomplishment.


1- Ninety-four percent of failure is caused by the system, not the people. Most people want to do a good job. Ninety-four percent of all failures are not because people don’t want to do a good job. It’s because the system they were using failed.

2- All wealthy people have systems. These systems, developed through years of trial and error, now have predictable outcomes. Enlightened Millionaires search out the most predictable systems.

3- Million-dollar benchmarks. On the way to your first million dollar net worth, you will cross several million-dollar benchmarks. Are you tracking these benchmarks?

4- Ideal Moneymaking systems have five characteristics: Zero cash, Zero risk, Zero time, Zero management and Zero energy.

5- Prosperous people have always known two truths: Truth Number One: The Importance of Having Multiple Streams of Income Truth Number Two: The Power of Residual Income.

REAL ESTATE: tracks up the millionaire mountain

1- To be a successful investor, you must either find value or create value. Here is what you’re looking for: Discount situations, distressed properties, Conversion opportunities.

2- Being successful as a real estate investor boils down to mastering three specific skills:

Finding deals: How to find real estate bargains

Funding deals: Qualifying for mortgages and finding down payments

Flipping deals: Marketing properties quickly and profitably

Seven steps

There are the seven steps to this process:

Step One. Only buy residential property within a 50-mile radius of your home. Single family homes, apartment buildings, condominiums and town homes are easier to sell, easier to finance, and easier to fill. Stay away from everything else.

Step Two. Pick a target territory about one mile square and become an expert there. Within these boundaries there will be 3 to 10 excellent bargains per year. Be there first. Focus on this target territory but consider any property in the broader 50-mile radius.

Step Three. Use one of nine methods to locate motivated sellers. There are numerous reasons why people become flexible in the selling of their property.

Step Four. Analyze each potential deal by asking five key questions: What is the price? What is the property condition? What are the terms? How about the location? Is the seller highly motivated to sell?

Step Five. Determine which Nothing Down technique to use.

Step Six. Write offers on all properties that score 12 or more.

Step Seven. Buy it! Keep it or flip it.

BUSINESS: Marketing your way to millions

1- Million-dollar ideas are floating around you every day. You just have to recognize them and act on them.

2- Discover which of the 10 basic business models fits you and your circumstances. Do you want to sell to customers, businesses, government agencies, or charities?

3- Create your One Minute Marketing Plan. Review your plan for at least one minute daily. It will put you ahead of 99% of businesses.

4- Use the three essentials of marketing success: Step #1. Look for positive addicts. Step #2. Make your ads addicting, with an ultimate advantage, a sensational offer, and a powerful promise. Step #3. Leverage your efforts with joint venture partners.

5- Use anti marketing strategies. Attract perfect customers by focusing on and specifically attracting the 20% of your customers who give you 80% of your profits.

6- Become an info-preneur. Learn to market information products where the profit margins are up to 95%.

7- Make up to a million dollars in a minute on the Internet. Information that is digitized can be marketed and sold 24 hours a day online.

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