How to be successful

How to be successful: The power of decision and proactivity

How to be successful If we want to know how to be successful, there are a few principles and a few habits to follow. In his book the 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen Covey highlights the first and most basic habit of every successful person: proactivity. By definition, proactivity means making things happen […]


Mind map: How to be 10X more productive

Mindmap: How to be 10X more productive How can I structure all this information? For an avid reader or a simple high school student, there could be too much information to absorb. We struggle when we want to teach, express and structure our ideas. We even consider “organizing our ideas” to be the oldest problem […]

how to set goals

How to set goals

How to set goals? How to set goals and actually achieve them? In “the strangest secret in the world”, Earl Nightingale defines success as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. To him, the successful person is anyone who once decided to work toward a goal and acted upon that ideal. It is the person […]

How to be organized

How to be organized: the 5 essential daily habits

How to be organized: 5 essential daily habits Organized people are not born that way, they are built. We all know at least one person who achieves more without any effort, as if their talent is to be more organized. Yet, we all have 24 hours in a day. Why are some people more productive […]

How to be more productive 6 essential tips

How to be more productive: 6 essential tips

How to be more productive: 6 essential tips We can do more and accomplish more in a day, it’s not a myth. Compound the effects of productive days and you will see how successful you can become. The Pareto law states that 20% of the cause produces 80% of the effects. I believe that more […]

How to finally stay motivated

How to stay motivated

How to stay motivated? It is a brand new year; you finished writing down your year’s resolutions. You want to know how to stay motivated. Maybe you just watched a long motivational video on YouTube and this time –you tell yourself- I’m going to make it. So maybe you posted your very first video on […]

how to be productive

How to be productive

How to be productive? I still remember the day I finished Tony Robbins’ book “Unlimited power”. For the first time, I realized that we have the power to change our lives. At the same time, Tony weaved perfectly into words my pain and loneliness at that time. The book got me hooked with new theories. […]

How to achieve your goals: The power of small steps

How to achieve your goals? I’ve always wondered why and how to achieve your goals? Why do some people manage to reach their objectives and not the others? Why is it that some people are able to build empires when most people are struggling? We all have 24 hours a day so what’s the difference? […]

successful habits of millionaires

Top successful habits of millionaires

Top successful habits of millionaires Would I ever be rich? I asked this question a lot recently. We are here today because of all of the thoughts we had in the past. Aand we are going to be where we are in 5 years, thanks to the thoughts and actions we take starting from today. […]

decision making

How to make a decision and change your life [forever]

How to make a decision and change your life? We all have problems and all successful people have one common trait: they know how to make a hard decision. To be successful we need to solve big problems and by solving them, we will be rewarded. Decision-making plays a key role in our personal and […]