If reading books was first motivated by lack and fear, it is now driven by abundance and love. I love books, especially since participating in fast reading program. But I love even more sharing ideas that could make a difference in other people’s lives. Here, you could find fast reading techniques and book recommendation.

Books and childhood

At an early age, our home was filled with books and I already felt attracted to books about astronomy, archeology or history.

Another reason why I started reading so much is a feeling of lack. Coming from a modest family, our parents strove to send us in appropriate schools. As we first left Madagascar in 2007, attending a French school helped me realize the huge gap in what we’ve been taught so far. That was the starting point of a craving to catch the gap but also starting a language learning journey. I could barely speak French and was too shy and self-conscious. I would oftentimes spend the break at the library.

With hindsight and by connecting the dots, these events were crucial in my own development and spiritual growth.

Discovering fast reading techniques

In 2012, my love of non-fiction books started when I discovered that we could double our knowledge in 9 months. With fast reading techniques, we can read up to 1200 words per minute, finishing books in 3 days rather than weeks, even months.

I must admit that I didn’t even bother finishing the books I promised to read. Worse, I never bought any books! In school, apart from thick, “boring” textbooks, most of us rarely have the occasion to read. The pleasure to read is an alien idea. Little did we know that we could learn valuable lessons from books. Some authors spent all their life to write a book and we can finish it in one week.

Photoreading techniques

We can see people talking about reading one book a day. Some claim to read a 300-page book within 3 hours or less. When I see some gurus in personal development such as Anthony Robbins, Steve Pavlina recommending these techniques, I can’t help myself but try.


Fast reading techniques


The pleasure of reading

Oh, and by the way, it’s crazy to say this but the thoughts of being buried with tons of books already crossed my mind. This is to say that if there is one thing in this world I’m obsessed with, it’s books (and library ;)).


Book recommendation