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Hello and welcome to my website. I am Sitraka Ratsimba, but call me Randy ūüėČ

I am a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant and  I help my clients in their acquisition strategy.

The goal can be to increase the traffic of their website, gain new prospects or new customers and mostly evaluate the strategy used thereafter. For this, I use several levers depending on the target of the client: SEO, online advertising: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc. Several levers can be combined, depending on what you want to do.

I accompany my clients in their deployment of techniques to increase their traffic to the optimization of the conversion of this traffic.

I currently live in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Like many people of my generation, I’ve always been passionate about new technologies.¬†

I’m lucky enough to love the work I do, so there’s hardly ever a dull moment. Today, I focus entirely on my passions, which are digital marketing, personal development and trail running. For example, you’ll see many summaries of life-changing books on this blog.¬†

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First of all, I’ll answer all your questions. At the top and bottom of each page of my website, you’ll find links to my social networks if you’d like to follow me, keep up to date or simply contact me.


I began by studying entrepreneurship and international development. I went on to study business management, which gives me a thorough understanding of companies’ business issues.

 I finished my studies in 2019 with a scholarship to go to the United States for leadership training.

I like theory, it’s important but for me, practice is fundamental and represents the real know-how. I’ve been in digital marketing since 2017 and I’ve been a Freelancer since 2021 in Webmarketing and so I’ve acquired a lot of my skills in this area self-taught.


Digital Marketing Guru


It all started when I finished my business management studies in Beijing, China in 2016. I moved back to Madagascar and then reunited with my mother in Berlin, Germany.

At the time, my goal was to spend a year at a language school, Hartnackschule, and then get a third Master’s degree at a German university. It was easier for a foreigner like me to live in Germany if I had a degree from a German school.

Having a third Master’s degree sounded so bad in my head, especially as I was still living with my mother.¬†

So I decided to look for an internship at all costs, in the hope of then landing a job in Berlin. And I did, because a start-up called Sunday Natural GmbH accepted me for a 3-month marketing internship. Thanks to my performance, at the end of my internship, they accepted for the first time that a trainee could become an employee. Unfortunately, I couldn’t change my language study visa into a work visa. So I had to leave Germany and come back to Madagascar because I had chosen to really start my professional life rather than continue my studies at university.

Through self-training and Google certifications, I was able to find a job as a digital marketing specialist after my internship in Digital Marketing.

In this job, I helped my customers with their web projects. I’ve mastered a number of web marketing techniques, including SEO, paid search (Google Ads) and social network advertising (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc).

Like many people, when I started out on the Internet, I focused on attracting qualified traffic to my clients’ sites. The aim is either to get more customers, or to attract qualified traffic to your site (especially for the media, bloggers and influencers). But it’s not always easy: there’s a lot being said on the web, not everyone agrees and you quickly get overwhelmed.

Fortunately, with time, everything becomes clearer! I did a lot of tests: SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, and so on… Of course, I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning. These mistakes taught me a lot.

¬†Today, I know what doesn’t work, but I also know what does!


Like any enthusiast, I love to share. I’m lucky enough to be passionate about personal development as well as my job. As a result, on this blog I talk mainly about personal development books, digital marketing, inbound marketing and growth hacking.

It’s still my blog, so I reserve the right to publish on subjects that appeal to me, and it’s likely to evolve over time, because … I love learning!

Digital Marketing Connoisseur

I build (profitable) lead generation machines for SMEs

I launched my freelance digital marketing business in 2021. At the time, I had only one goal: to reconcile digital marketing with its primary objective: to generate quality leads.

I tested, tested, tested. My best successes all had one thing in common: offering services to companies (ESN, recruitment, SAAS, consulting). I’ve had the most success with these SMEs.

From now on, it’s for them that I build, then pilot lead generation campaigns that aim for the highest possible return on investment.

What you need to know before we call

Results aren’t instantaneous – that’s the difference between a magician and a digital marketing freelancer. Some clients have seen their sales double in 1 month, others in 6 months, and some have barely recouped their investment. I guarantee to put 6 years of web marketing experience at your disposal, but not to work miracles.

¬†Marketing is a gas pedal for companies that are already doing well. If that’s not the case for your company, you’ll need to review your business model, your product and even your marketing.

Sitraka Ratsimba

For several years now, I’ve been helping my customers with their webmarketing strategy. In particular, I help them with their natural search engine optimization (SEO), their paid search (Google Ads) and their advertising campaigns on social networks (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.).

I started with a 6-month Digital Marketing internship in Berlin, Germany. For several years, I worked in this field for different international companies and on different projects ranging from a simple real estate agency to large e-commerce sites.

Today, I’m 100% freelance, so I can devote myself entirely to your project, and we can even talk on the phone, which used to be difficult to do (although it was fine).

I also try to help other freelancers get started. Freelancing isn’t always easy, which is why I’ve found it interesting to do it alongside a salaried job.

A few projects I worked on

Specialist in Digital Marketing
Expert in Digital Marketing
Digital Advertising Specialist
Specialist in Online Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategist
Digital Marketing Expertise
Digital Marketing Professionalism
Digital Marketing Whiz
Digital Marketing Pro

Companies I worked with so far...

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